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Companies at TechStation

Acarix is commercializing an innovative analytical device designed to support a safe, reliable and cost-effective rule-out of significant coronary artery disease.


Swiipe is a software company that is operating in the ecommerce industry. They offer a one-click-buy checkout payment platform for easy and safe ecommerce. Swiipe has a value offering for both ecommerce-stores as well as consumers.

ATRIUM Architects is an architectural firm that operates throughout the building's value chain from idea to delivery and has strong focus on sustainable architectural engineering.

TechStation Invest is an early stage venture capital firm specialized in the HardTech industry. TSI is bringing deep domain expertise and channeling that knowledge into each and every HardTech investment they make.

STAC is a consulting engineering research and development company with a technology platform offering sustainable thermal advanced cooling solutions.

VentriJect is making estimation of respiratory fitness an easy task. No need for expensive equipment or diffucult test protocolts. VO2-max is estimated with no exercise required.

QP Games

CPH Subsea is commercializing a series of silent and powerful subsea thrusters developed with reliability as the highest priority. The thrusters have unique cooling design where the surrounding seawater cools the thruster and enables operation at maximum power for extended periods of time. The result is exceptional high thrust force compared to conventional thrusters.

QP GAMES is a software company that offers educational games through mobile devices.

3PART works with innovation on a strategic, but also a practical level. We collaborate with both start-ups and major international groups to create products and services where the user is at the center. Our process and experience result in concise solutions that create value for both the users and the companies we work with.